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Softline AG takes over the Norwegian IT service provider STOVER AS

Softline expands and strengthens both its international presence and its service expertise

Leipzig, 15th December 2010 – Softline AG has taken over the Norwegian IT service provider STOVER AS, a renowned specialist in identity management, security, virtualisation and Novell technologies with its head office in Oslo and a branch in Elverum. The company has thus increased its international profile in consultation services concerning IT infrastructure. The takeover is a further systematic step in the expansion strategy concluded in mid-2010 and introduced by Softline Solutions Netherlands B.V. in October.

Alongside the foundation of Softline Solutions Netherlands B.V. in October 2010 and Softline Solutions GmbH (which has been in operation since August 2010), the takeover of the Norwegian IT service provider STOVER AS has increased the service expertise of Softline AG in Leipzig. The new subsidiary is named Softline Solutions, following the national and international expansion strategy, which was concluded at the general meeting in mid-2010, and also in order to further solution concepts for consultation services.

Prof. Knut Löschke, chairman of Softline AG, explains "Since its foundation in 1997, STOVER has acquired a name for itself both in and outside of Norway as an IT specialist with particular skills in identity management and virtualisation as well as solutions on the basis of Novell technologies. In this respect, this takeover is a double win for the international expansion strategy of the Softline Group – and STOVER chief executive Geir Christensen even makes it a triple win".

Due to his many years of international management experience, Christensen is a distinguished expert in the European IT market and completely supports Softline AG's takeover: "This will not only put Softline at the forefront of our international expansion strategy – it will also strengthen our national profile in Norway. With our collective know-how as a virtualisation specialist with partners such as Microsoft, VMware, IBM and, above all, Novell in the area of network infrastructure, we will make a significant contribution to making Softline more internationally recognised as a brand".

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