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Knut Loeschke departs from the operational business as Softline Board Member

Harry Kloosterman is appointed to the Softline Board to head the international business

Leipzig, January 31st 2011 – After approximately one year of concentrated involvement in Softline AG, Prof. Dr. Loeschke departs from the operational side of the business. Loeschke already became a significant investor on Softline during its first capital raising in February 2010 and became a Member of the Executive Board in April 2010. In accordance with previous agreements Loeschke now departs from the operational business, while he is still available to Softline as a consultant and plans to engage himself with the Supervisory Board in the future. "Together with the employees of Softline AG, I worked very hard to develop the company further in the IT services market as well as its internationalization. I am convinced of Softlines future success and will now, as was agreed right from the start, support the company's future as an investor and on a consultative basis.", said Knut Loeschke, commenting this step.

"The Supervisory Board, the management and the employees of Softline AG thank Prof. Dr. Knut Loeschke for his engagement with the company and we are looking forward to our joint future workings.", commented Bernhard von Minckwitz, Head of the Supervisory Board of Softline AG.

At the same time, the Supervisory Board appointed Harry Kloosterman to the Softline Executive Board, where from April 2011 he will manage the newly built up international businesses in the central European region. The Managing Directors of the Softline subsidiaries in that reagion will report directly to Mr. Kloosterman. Currently, Kloosterman is Vice President Western Europe at PC-Ware Information Technologies AG. "The strengthening of our Executive Board with Mr. Kloosterman is an important step in the continued successful realisation of Softlines internationalization strategy." Commented von Minckwitz further.

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