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»SVM Workshops« – For continuous protection!

In our »Software Vulnerability Management Workshops« we support you in creating and optimizing the vulnerability management solutions in your company.

1. Software Vulnerability Management Assessment

During our one-day basic workshop »Software Vulnerability Management Assessment« we build the foundation for your SVM optimization. Our certified risk managers will discuss the following aspects:

  • How do you currently scan vulnerabilities?
  • How are patches rolled out?
  • How is currently being inventoried?

Objectives of the workshop
We determine the maturity level of your SVM and provide you with a strategic action recommendation.

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2. Software Vulnerability Management Proof of Concept

In our two-day »Software Vulnerability Management Proof of Concept Workshop«, which builds on the assessment, we will focus on the technological aspects and jointly identify the next steps:

  • Summary of assessment results
  • Definition of goals
  • Showcase implementation of a tool
  • Evaluation and analysis of vulnerabilities
  • Definition of next steps

Objective of the workshop
Derivation of necessary operative steps

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