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Software Asset Management Best Practices

Software Asset Management goes beyond the implementation of an SAM tool. It is of crucial importance to integrate the elements of organisation, process and technology so that an organisation can grow in the maturity of Software Asset Management. Softline Solutions has many years of experience, acquired during the implementation and set up of SAM in complex international settings, which is translated into best practices. This step-by-step approach is visualised as a house that is built from the ground up and requires solid foundations. A short-term plan, supplemented with a long-term strategy, helps organisations to gain control over and insight into software assets.

House of ITAM® - which level suits you?

Whether you want to have complete insight into the software license compliance position of your top 4 software suppliers, or you would like to sketch a path for growth towards total integration of Software Asset Management into your business activities, Softline Solutions would like to provide you with independent and expert assistance. The ‘House of ITAM®’ is based on the ISO for ITAM standard 19770-1 and visualised as a house that is built from the ground up. The IT Asset Management maturity is divided into 3 ‘tiers’:

House of ITAM®

TIER 1: TRUSTWORTHY DATA – Build the foundation and ensure continuous compliance in combination with the established management system.

TIER 2: LIFE CYCLE INTEGRATION – A cross-phased view on the entire IT portfolio enables active control and management of all IT-assets.

TIER 3: OPTIMIZATION – Automation and optimization of functional processes creates more efficiency and leads to sustainable cost savings.

From planning to implementation

The path for growth is sketched according to the desired level of Software Asset Management maturity for an organisation. The integration of organisation, process and technology are of key importance here.

  • Planning: the assessment of the current organisation, processes and technology and the involvement of all stakeholders in the SAM project
  • Implementation: implementation of the SAM tool at the technical and functional levels, and set-up or redesign of the processes and underlying organisation
  • Operation: the operational implementation of your license management department. This can be done by your own employees, but can also be partially or completely outsourced.

SAM@Softline: The award-winning approach

SAM Best PracticesIn 2014 & 2015, Softline Solutions was named ‘SAM Managed Service Provider Best in Class’ by the independent organisation The ITAM Review. In 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017, Softline Solutions was also declared ‘Flexera Software EMEA Best Performing Partner’.