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»Many sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders consider only the size of the software audit settlement when determining how successful a software audit was. However, capturing the many other impacts accurately will support the case for license compliance and audit management controls.« (Gartner, February 2020)

If your organisation implements Software Asset Management, the probability of an audit and the associated (financial) risks will be reduced. By implementing SAM processes, assigning SAM roles and responsibilities and using a professional SAM tool, software vendors are assured that they are not using their software incorrectly. As a logical consequence of this, vendors usually choose not make use of an audit.

You would like to get a first insight into the status of software license compliance of specific software vendors?

Then our Baseline Support Services can help you. In addition to the software vendors listed below, we can also offer a baseline check for more than 200 other software vendors.


Microsoft Baseline Service

  • Working out valid information to avoid additional expenditure for Microsoft compliance monitoring (true up)
  • Compliance acquisition
  • Optimisation of license agreements and (annual) costs
  • Preparation in case of an audit

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IBM Baseline Service

  • IBM needs assessment
  • IBM inventory analysis
  • Optimisation of costs and license structure

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Open Source Software Basic Workshop

  • Preliminary discussion with responsible persons in the company incl. definition of the main focus
  • Training on the basics of Open Source Software
  • Follow-up of the seminar including training documents
  • If necessary, joint implementation of a strategy for dealing with OSS in your organisation

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Oracle Review Service

  • Analysis and optimisation of Oracle software licenses
  • Compliance report based on your license inventory and technical infrastructure
  • Inventory according to LMS standards
  • Optimisation of annual costs for database support contracts
  • Preparation for an Oracle audit

Java Assessment

  • Determination of your Java license requirements by our highly qualified SAM consultants
  • Analysis of the affected organisation's infrastructure
  • Accounting of all changes in licensing law within the framework of Oracle Java
  • Evaluation of alternative product use
  • Development of detailed action recommendations

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SAP Review Service

  • Measurement of the SAP environment using market-leading SAM tools
  • Optimisation of SAP license consumption
  • Process analysis of SAP license management and SAP administration
  • Staff training

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Softline Solutions recognised by Gartner as part of the global top ten in Magic Quadrant for SAM Managed Services

Softline Solutions, Europe's independent expert for Software & IT Asset Management, ranks among the top ten providers of SAM Managed Services worldwide according to Gartner. During an extensive evaluation process, Softline’s clients generally gave favourable comments about the unique best practice approach, the Softline House of ITAM®, and highlighted operational discipline and strong technical skills.

»Our positioning in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management Managed Services not only confirms that, as a mid-sized company, we can compete with the global players in the SAM Managed Services market. It also confirms the path we have chosen in terms of specifically addressing the niche of software publisher-independent non software-sales related consulting in Europe [...]«

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