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Operational License Management

After full implementation of Software Asset Management on process, organisation and technical levels, the software license compliance status becomes visible. Savings can be made, software can be standardised and the organisation is fully prepared for the announcement of software license audits from software publishers. The purchase of additional licenses can then be done based on facts rather than assumptions, making negotiations easier. In short: the implementation of Software Asset Management gives you control over your software management, allowing you to provide your internal stakeholders with full and adequate information. In this way, the correct input can be provided to, for example, finance, purchasing and ICT managers, and the set-up of workspaces can be based on software that is actually used.

Software Asset Management: House of ITAM®

House of ITAM®

TIER 1: TRUSTWORTHY DATA – Build the foundation and ensure continuous compliance in combination with the established management system.

TIER 2: LIFE CYCLE INTEGRATION – A cross-phased view on the entire IT portfolio enables active control and management of all IT-assets.

TIER 3: OPTIMIZATION – Automation and optimization of functional processes creates more efficiency and leads to sustainable cost savings.


Software licensing desk as heart of your SAM organisation

In order to be able to provide the organisation with adequate and correct information, the SAM tool must be supplied with information on a daily basis. Information about previously purchased licenses and contracts, and also about purchases made after the implementation has taken place, must be incorporated into the SAM tool. Information about the organisation’s components and the overall structure also offer insight into the use of software within various components of the organisation so that, for example, charging based on usage can be realised. This allows the responsibility for the use of software to be assigned to the business. However, this is only possible when a team with specialist license knowledge and experience with the SAM tool is appointed in order to provide operational support for the SAM process. The right people must be made responsible for essential roles within the SAM process. Without this responsibility, a SAM tool is just an isolated software product. Securing SAM processes and assigning responsibility is just as important as the SAM tool itself, and allows the tool to function as a means to generate valuable information which helps to realise improvements to the use of software. The team of qualified employees must also have insight into the ICT infrastructure, ITIL processes and contract management.

Outsourcing operational tasks?

With SAMdesk, Softline Solutions offers support to organisations regarding operational activities related to license management. Would you like advice about how to optimise your software license compliance position? Or are you looking for ways to outsource all operational Software Asset Management activities? Softline Solutions' SAMmanaged is the solution.


Operationeel licentiemanagementSoftline Solutions is in 2014 & 2015 tot “SAM Managed Service Provider Best in Class” gekozen door het onafhankelijke The ITAM Review. In 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 is Softline Solutions daarnaast ook als “Flexera Software EMEA Best Performing Partner” uitgeroepen.