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SAM as a Service: do it yourself or outsource it?

After the implementation of Software Asset Management tooling and underlying  (business) processes, it is necessary to carry out license management on operational level. It is crucially important to update information in the SAM tool in the proper manner, in order to gain insight into the current software license compliance status. This means that all information that is entered in the tool during the SAM implementation must be supplemented with purchases in the future. A team of persons with specialist knowledge is required to make the step from a single baseline to continuous insight into the software license compliance status of your most important software publishers.

Own team or outsourced?

Finding a specialised team that can give the organisation insight into the software license compliance status of the most important software publishers is not an easy task to complete. Provide advice regarding what optimisation must take place so that savings can be realised and ensure that the SAM tool is working properly on technical and functional levels takes a lot of time. Many organisations choose to outsource (part of) the Software Asset Management to a SAM expert. 

  • SAMmanaged
  • SAMasp
  • SAMdesk
  • SAMtelligence
  • SAMasp for safe hosting of SAM infrastructure
  • SAMdesk as Service Desk for your operational license management
  • SAMtelligence for proactive analysis and advice

SAM as a Service

With Software Asset Management, an organisation can get a real-time picture of the license position, whereby savings can be realised on software licenses and underlying support and maintenance contracts. You can choose which parts of SAM you would like to carry out ‘in-house’ and which parts you would like to outsource using the various modules from Softline Solutions' SAMmanaged. While SAMdesk is the solution in cases of insufficient manpower and specialist license and contract knowledge for operational license management, you can outsource the software inventory with SAMasp. SAMtelligence provides you with proactive advice in order to help you realise software license compliance and make cost savings.

FlexNet as heart of the SAMmanaged solution:

  • Full integration of existing IT systems, such as Microsoft SCCM, Altiris, IBM ILMT;
  • Import of inventory and user data;
  • High-quality software license and contract optimisation for Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP Applications, Symantec and Engineering Applications;
  • Very detailed contract module that makes the link between the purchasing process and the license administration possible.

Softline Solutions offers FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises as a supporting SAM tool. The SAM tool keeps an inventory of which applications are installed and used within the environment(s). By linking this data to your license information, you gain insight into your software license compliance status. Softline Solutions takes care of the management of the SAM tool, including the necessary licenses, which allows organisations to make use of SAM as a Service. This means that organisations do not need to dedicate any technical resources for the maintenance of the SAM tool.

SAM as a Service; just the way you want it

  • Lower initial investment required
  • Technical and functional management carried out by Softline Solutions

Software Asset Management is a continuous process. The one-time entry of contract and license information does not allow sufficient control over your software assets. With SAMdesk, Softline Solutions offers you SAM as a Service which allows you to outsource your operational license management. From purchase of software licenses and the entry of license and contract information into the SAM tool, to the provision of assistance with other underlying SAM processes within your organisation, SAMdesk is the solution.

Outsourcing your SAM department

  • Operational support
  • Realisation of transparency in Software License Compliance status

Proactive analysis & advice regarding software compliance

  • Proactive notifications
  • Scenario analyses
  • Optimisation reports

With SAMtelligence, Softline Solutions provides an organisation with proactive advice. Concrete recommendations can be made with the help of analysis of the license position, which enables the organisation to materialise and maintain software compliance, and make savings where possible. Insight is also provided into possible cost savings, which allows you to make decisions based on facts rather than assumptions.

Softline Group has been recognized as a »Visionary« in the world-wide 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for SAM Managed Services

Softline Group, a European and globally acting IT consulting company, focussing on IT Asset Management, Information- and IT Security, Cloud & Future Datacentre and Digital Workplace, has been acknowledged by Gartner® as a »Visionary« and is now part of the 11 SAM Managed Service providers recognized worldwide.

»I am very proud that together with the entire Softline team, we managed to get acknowledged by Gartner® and we are recognized as a 'Visionary' in the 2022 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for SAM Managed Services. Last year we have already shown our international strength, by introducing our joined forces approach with Softline International, with local representation in over 60 countries. [...]«

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