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Baseline Service

An audit or a ‘friendly review’ is unavoidable and every organisation will be confronted by these at some point. It is essential to be prepared for this. If you are not, then there is a chance that the announcement will come at a particularly inconvenient time, and you will have to rush to put together an audit team. Entering a review or audit unprepared not only demands a lot of resources, but may also result in unpleasant (financial) surprises. You can prevent such consequences by gaining insight into the software license compliance status for the software publishers that are most important to your organisation.

One-time or permanent insight into your software licenses?

Insight into the software license compliance status is very important for organisations. The implementation of Software Asset Management provides insight into software assets, whereby organisations can take measures to achieve software license compliance and avoid unnecessary costs. When your organisation has not or not yet implemented Software Asset Management but still needs one-time insight into an important software publisher, Softline Solutions can provide assistance with its Baseline Service.

SAM@Softline Baseline Service

The SAM@Softline Baseline Service gives you one-time insight and advice regarding optimisation of these and any other given software publishers.

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