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Cloud Spend Optimisation

The use of cloud services in organisations is growing steadily and the transformation of traditional on-premise delivery to SaaS (Software as a Service) is progressing rapidly. Correspondingly, the costs are rising continuously in this area. In addition, the use of cloud services requires an update of your governance structure and internal IT processes. We support you with practical experience and provide best-practice approaches for optimisation.

Insufficient transparency about deployed SaaS products often poses major challenges for many IT departments in terms of costs and compliance:

  • 30 percent of all SaaS licenses are not or only inefficiently used. (Gartner)
  • 15 times more SaaS applications are used than IT is aware of (Shadow IT). (Cisco)
  • 89 percent of former employees were not correctly withdrawn from SaaS access rights. (Osterman)

At the same time, up to 30 percent of SaaS spendings could be reduced if unused subscriptions were identified and cancelled.

With more than 80 consultants in the SAM and ITAM environment, Softline is one of the European market leaders in the field of asset management. Our many years of experience and expertise, combined with strong partnerships, build the foundation for consistent and effective SaaS management.

Cloud Spend Optimisation

1. Analysis

(Cloud Maturity Analysis)

  • Workshop to define the processes in the scope
  • Identification and evaluation of processes
  • Analysis of established processes from a cloud readiness perspective
  • Workshop to present results and plan measures

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2. Identification

(SaaS Discovery Service)

  • Workshop to define endpoints and SaaS products in scope
  • Identification via execution of the »SaaS Discovery«
  • Analysis of the »SaaS Discovery« results
  • Workshop to present results and plan measures

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3. Transparency

(SaaS Tool Implementation)

  • Implementation of SaaS management technology
  • Integration of SaaS portals and other systems into the SaaS management solution
  • Setup of policies according to best-practice approaches

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4. Optimisation

(SaaS Optimisation)

  • Workshop to define user profiles
  • Identification of purchased rights of use
  • Analysis of usage rights and mapping into user profiles
  • Workshop to present results and plan measures

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Cloud Managament

Would you also like to review your multi-cloud infrastructures? Then we will be happy to support you with our other Cloud Spend Optimisation Services »Multi-Cloud Management« on the subjects of PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

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