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Staying informed – that’s basically what the world of IT is all about. We keep you updated with facts, background and in-depth evaluations on new technologies, developments and strategies. There is a lot to learn. Take a look. Right here. And, of course, you can also come to one of our events!

Date Event Location  
23. - 25.09.2018 SAMS Europe 2018 (ENG) Berlin Details
27.09.2018 Softline eHealth Roundtable Leipzig Details
27.09.2018 Webinar: Flexera Data Platform Online Details
09. - 11.10.2018 Softline@it-sa – HOME OF IT SECURITY 2018 Nürnberg Details
25.10.2018 Now Event Amsterdam Amsterdam Details
25.10.2018 SAM Webcast: Heads up! Aktuelle Änderungen bei SAP Online Details
20. - 23.11.2018 Softline@DOAG Konferenz + Ausstellung 2018 Nürnberg Details
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