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Kickoff at the beginning of the year – unimaginable 10 years ago

»Softline in the Snow« has become an established event which is now a fixed item of the Softline event calendar. Together with colleagues from all subsidiaries we spend an unforgettable weekend in the snow at the beginning of each year. This year we were on skis and sledges already for the sixth time.

Meanwhile we have a total of more than 200 employees working for the Softline Group, of which currently 6 are company academy students, 3 are trainees and 8 are bachelor students. On October 1st 2010 our first company academy student in the field of Software Asset Management started his studies of Business Information Systems. He is now a Manager in the area of Software Asset Management Operations and coordinates a team of 25 consultants. This success story is not a single case. In the Softline Group,  development and career are very important. With this successful concept and many other factors that make the working day pleasant, we are an attractive company for every employee. With the continuous growth of our staff, the challenges as an employer are also increasing. Work-life balance was yesterday, work-life flow is the order of the day. The ability to organise one's day flexibly and to decide for oneself when and from where one wants to work has become more important than ever. We keep up with the times and the number of Softliners who have been with us since we started speaks for itself. The Softline Group – a successful former start-up company!

Statements of the jubilees

Toscha-Andrea Rimane, Executive Assistant:
»It fills me with pride to see what we have achieved and that I was able to witness the exciting 10 years of development of the Softline Group. I am grateful to have such an innovative employer who supports and appreciates me. As a mother of three I have found the perfect working model for me. Together to success!«

Christian Ludwig, Manager SAM Operations:
»I associate the largest part of my professional development with Softline and a company that has developed steadily  the past 10 years. Over the years, our SAM team has also grown steadily, so there have been opportunities for development for me almost every year. The combination of work and young family can probably be mastered so well only in a few other companies as well as at Softline. In addition to the career prospects, it is above all the unique team spirit that has connected me with Softline for 10 years. For me, the step to Softline in the middle of my dual studies was the right decision – I am glad to have found my (working) home«.