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SAMmanaged: Reducing the SAM workload

In my daily function as manager operations I often see interesting main themes in the way organisations seek optimal balance between effective Software Asset Management and their own business case, focus and resources.

It is not easy to create a solid and secure Software Asset Management (SAM) process. Many employees are involved, in very different roles. A lot of data are available that have to be processed, handled and categorised properly. License data have to be verified and stored correctly. You need reports that almost instantly give you a trustworthy overview of the current license position and you need more security regarding your compliance. But at the same time Software Asset Management is not your core business. Your people simply don’t have the time to dedicate themselves to SAM.

Providing a useful SAM tool is the first step to a smooth operation of your Software Asset Management processes. With this tool you can assure yourself you have stored the necessary data in a structured way that leads to swift reporting. But you can decide to take it further and to outsource various SAM related tasks to your – specialised – SAM knowledge partner. You can reduce the workload of your employees by making use of experts in the field of licensing, contracts, contract registration, reporting and consultancy of Software Asset Management. This will largely address your daily concerns.
And there’s the rub. Your SAM tool and SAM knowledge partner take care of an important number of daily tasks regarding Software Asset Management. A lot less concern and a reduction of the workload.

This, however, does not mean that the Software Asset Management responsibilities in your organisation now lie somewhere else: they lie with you. After all, it remains your responsibility to make sure that people feel responsible for their role and take and carry out decisions on the right time and based on the outsourced data flows. But it’s you who has to design and safeguard the strategic processes that will effectuate Software Asset Management in your organisation. This is your responsibility.

In short: you can leave a lot of Software Asset Management tasks and actions in the hands of your knowledge partner. But the true Software Asset Management process of your organisation can never be fully delegated. It still remains a joint effort in which you play a crucial (directors) role! A 100% reduction of workload is not feasible, but we can get to fifty-fifty!