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I want an overview of my software assets, and I want it now!

As you may have read in the interview with Dennis Montanje (Managing Director Softline Solutions Northern Europe) there are many reasons for an organisation to start with Software Asset Management. Let me share with you the train of thought of an undisclosed customer who struggles with this topic.

Organisation X consists of 1000 workplaces, mainly fat clients. From previous snapshots it has become clear to them that there are many applications such as Visio, Project and Visual Studio installed without having licenses. An expensive matter …

In the meeting with the organisation expressed a clear need:

  • An insight on the number and type of installed applications, because we want to know whether or not we are compliant.
  • Cost reduction. From a practical point of view: a prolongation of our Enterprise Agreement is due, and we want to prolong the Software Assurance only for applications that we really use.

What do you recommend us to do? And by the way, we have no resources available that are able to optimise these issues.

To gain insight into the license position and the actual usage of applications, this organization needs information coming from a SAM tool. There are various options to realise this, the choice depends on available resources and means such as budget, time and knowledge. Organisation X spends a lot of money on software, with the expectations that significant savings can be realized by optimising their software assets.


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      However, as mentioned previously, there is a lack of time and especially specific knowledge to work with SAM tooling. The employees of organisation X are dedicated to their core business, and there is little time and attention for Software Asset Management.

      At one point in the conversation with the organisation, it becomes clear that they actually do not want concern themselves with SAM tooling at all. All they want is insight. Insight in how to meet contractual obligations and how to costs.

      Taking all these needs into account, the best option is to make use of a Software Asset Management service from the cloud. Why? There are many reasons;

      • Making use of a cloud SAM solution it takes little changes to the infrastructure within the organisations environment;
      • The technical solution requires hardly any effort or resources from the busy IT department;
      • The start-up costs are minimal;
      • Organisation X does not have to provide a server;
      • Organisation X does not have to make provide server licenses such as Windows Server or SQL Server;
      • High level of flexibility, as scaling up or down is easier than in an in-house situation.

      On top of that,  by making use of the inventory data from the existing database SCCM, organisation X will have access to results quickly and efficiently. Registration of licenses and contracts can be outsourced on request, allowing organisation X to only be involved and focussed on making decisions based on the insight that offered from the SAM Cloud service.

      So the answer to this organisation’s question : where should we start to have a quick insight into our software assets? The answer lies in the cloud!

      Martijn Braamskamp | Tags: Software Asset Management, SAMtools, Software Management, SAM tool, Asset Management, Compliance