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Celebrating successes on IBM compliance, control and million Euro cost savings

Softline Solutions’ IBM licensing expert Jan van Kempen can look back on an extremely successful first half of 2017 where he unearthed savings potentials on IBM licenses of between 200.000 and 3 million Euro’s for several of our customers. Thus creating the best ROI ever for the customer on the consultancy costs.

As on of our experts on IBM license optimisation and cost savings, Jan assisted multiple large organisations in getting a grip on the IBM contracts and entitlements, defining and driving the activities to realise compliancy, lowering license costs and avoiding heavy settlements as a result of audits. 
Using his extensive knowledge on IBM licensing Jan, for example, realised direct efficiency improvements for governmental institutions of over 1 million Euros. And through his vast experience with IBM audits and settlements was able to decrease settlement amounts of (on average) 5 to 6 million Euros to a final settlement of 500.000 Euros for governmental, educational and multinational organisations.

Unlock your savings potential quickly

It is clear that, even though customers are doing their best to be in control on IBM, a lot of savings potential is still untouched because there is not enough time and knowledge to see what is possible and to define and manage the actions to realise these savings.

This is where we can step in! In a 2 day onsite visit by a Softline Solutions’ IBM expert, we will deep-dive into the current license contracts and usage, determine the savings potential and define the main actions to realise the first actual costsaving. A short report and power point presentation on the outcome of the 2 days will be enough for organisations to have a good first insight on what is required to optimize the IBM licenses and contracts. Based on that an organisation can determine what further actions are required to really get in control. And on that topic, Softline Solutions can offer solid advice and consultancy as well.

If you want to get an first view of the savings potential in your IBM contracts, please contact us. The 2 days deep dive will definitely be worth the investment. Our experience tells us that, on average, the ROI is at least between 50 and 100 times the consultancy costs!

Contact Softline Solutions and on of our IBM experts will gladly do the math for you.


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