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Risks of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its solutions

Every second, the Internet of Things grows by 129 newly connected devices. By 2020 alone, 90 percent of all newly delivered cars should be connected to the Internet. Whether smart medical devices, optimized production machines or automobiles - every IoT device has its own Internet access and can thus network with other participants.

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Greta Staskewitsch | Tags: Internet of Things (IoT), Endpoint Security, Public Key Infrastructure, PKI, Machine-to-Machine-Communication (M2M), Certificate Enrollment for Billions of Things (CEBOT), Digital Signatures, Certification Process

Celebrating successes on IBM compliance, control and million Euro cost savings

Softline Solutions’ IBM licensing expert Jan van Kempen can look back on an extremely successful first half of 2017 where he unearthed savings potentials on IBM licenses of between 200.000 and 3 million Euro’s for several of our customers. Thus creating the best ROI ever for the customer on the consultancy costs.

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Softline Group Northern Europe | Tags: Cost savings, License Management, IBM, Software Asset Management, License optimisation

IBM Virtualisation: Sub-capacity vs. Full-capacity, know your potential savings!

Because of technical developments in the infrastructure, your organisation has changed over the last years and you adapted many of these necessary changes. Concepts such as scalability, security, optimal flexibility, accountability and availability are not strange to you. In particular, virtualisation has seen a strong development in recent years and it might also have been implemented in your company. The majority of your servers probably runs in a virtualised environment.

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Jan van Kempen | Tags: Software Asset Management, Flexera Flexnet Manager, IBM, License Management

Software Asset Management and SaaS

Let me take you to a ‘SAM-journey’ that was started by my colleague Rudi Bissels, who in a previous blog described Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) in relation to Software Asset Management.

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René Lansink | Tags: Software Asset Management, License Management

I want an overview of my software assets, and I want it now!

As you may have read in the interview with Dennis Montanje (Managing Director Softline Solutions Northern Europe) there are many reasons for an organisation to start with Software Asset Management. Let me share with you the train of thought of an undisclosed customer who struggles with this topic.

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Martijn Braamskamp | Tags: Software Asset Management, SAMtools, Software Management, SAM tool, Asset Management, Compliance

Communication is crucial and this also applies to a successful SAM policy!

“The biggest single problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place” – George Bernard Shaw

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Ingrid Roodenburg | Tags: Software Asset Management, SAMtools, Software Management, IT outsourcing, SAM as a Service, Servicedesk software, Asset Management, SAM tools, SAM tool, Uitbesteden, Outsourcing, Software inventarisatie tool, Software inventarisatie, beheer software, SAM tool, ICT beheer

SAP license management in medium and large companies

It is commonly known that unnecessary expenditures can be prevented with good Software Asset Management (SAM). Classifying and maintaining the ‘installed base’, as well as optimising the registered licenses is not an easy task. Particularly when SAP is involved and even more in a multinational environment. Especially complexity and dynamic play a role in ‘being in control’ when it comes to SAM for SAP.

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Henk Schoonhoven | Tags: Software Asset Management, License Management, Asset Management

Interview with Dennis Montanje: Arguments for the implementation of Software Asset Management

Every month we pose 5 questions to Dennis Montanje about Software Asset Management related issues. The topic of this interview is ‘arguments for the implementation of Software Asset Management’.

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Dennis Montanje | Tags: Software Asset Management, IT beheer, License Management, beheer software, Software Management, IT processen, ICT processen, Asset Management, ICT beheer

SAM tool implementation: lessons learned

In my previous blog “SAM tool: The first step to maturity” I wrote about what an organisation faces after a SAM tool is implemented. Now I go further back, to the process of implementation.

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Jan van Kalkeren | Tags: Software Asset Management, SAMtools, IT processen, Flexera Flexnet Manager

Your licenses and Cloud Service

What about the compliance responsibility of your licenses when you use the Cloud Service?
Increasingly, companies return to core business and at the same time want optimum flexibility regarding IT when outsourcing. Outsourcing of IT services usually means hiring services through the Cloud, in lots of varieties. Think about virtualisation with dedicated hardware (Private Cloud) up to Software as a Service (SaaS) and all possible forms in between. But what are the consequences for the existing licenses and software contracts?

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Rudi Bissels | Tags: Software Asset Management, License Management, IT outsourcing, IT beheer, Outsourcing, cloud

Software responsibility is the Achilles heel in Software Asset Management

An Achilles heel is a weak spot in a healthy human being or a good functioning system. The name is derived from the Greek mythological hero Achilles, who at his birth was immersed in the water of the underworld river by his mother, to make him invulnerable. As she had to be able to hold him, she grabbed his heel, which from that moment on remained the only weak spot in his body and finally led to his doom.

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Leo Meijer | Tags: Software Asset Management, License Management, IT processen, SAMtools, beheer software, IT beheer

SAMmanaged: Reducing the SAM workload

In my daily function as manager operations I often see interesting main themes in the way organisations seek optimal balance between effective Software Asset Management and their own business case, focus and resources.

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Ingrid Roodenburg | Tags: Software Asset Management, SAMtools, IT processen, IT beheer, IT outsourcing, SAM as a Service

SAM tool: the first step to maturity

A proper SAM tool is essential when you seriously want to start working with Software Asset Management (SAM). After purchasing (in-house or hosted) one of the first tasks on the to-do list is filling the SAM tool with available data. This usually means transferring data from available spreadsheets and databases. When the SAM tool is set up, the importance of this first step is immediately clear. Eventually, you will encounter the following problems:

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Jan van Kalkeren | Tags: Software Asset Management, SAMtools, IT beheer, beheer software, License Management